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Imagination. Empathy. Hard work.

Howdy! I’m a freelance sound designer, music producer, and story editor based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

I’m excited to bring your podcasts to life. I’ve worked at fully-equipped video studios with dozens of employees, and I’ve worked for one-person podcasts. In every case, my goal is to make you sound great so fast that we can all catch happy hour before heading home for the night.

Born & raised in Southern Ontario, I fronted the successful Canadian power-pop band Hello Kelly (Sony-BMG/7Spin) from 2004 to 2012. In 2010, I moved to Nashville, TN where I trained as an audio engineer, jingle writer, and screenwriter, working with Emmy award winners Cam Cornelius and Greg Barnhill, and Grammy award winner Brandon Perdue. 

When I say that I’m a traveling music producer, it means that my studio is wherever my vehicle is parked any given week, whether it’s Nashville, Ontario, NYC or LA. If truck stop coffee is the dream, I’m living it!

I offer many sound-related services, so take a look around. There’s never a shortage of ideas or creative solutions.

If you have any questions at all or if you’d like to take a look at my rate card, just shoot me an email.


The many facets of your new sound expert.

Sound Effects

If you’re building a scripted podcast, SFX are huge. I can augment sound work you’ve already done, or start from scratch. I source great sounds and strive for realism.


Does your podcast sound harsh or “boomy?” Are you intimidated by the words “use a compressor”? With a decade of mixing knowledge and pro audio software, I’m on it.

Podcast Editing

Whether you’re on episode 1 or 200, tight yet natural editing tells your listeners that your serious. I’ll cut out those “um’s”, add musical interludes, and make you sound like a boss.

Sound Repair

Tired of hums and noisy audio in your podcasts? Listeners saying it’s hard to listen in the car? Can you hear the AC in the background? I’ve got the tools needed to salvage audio properly.

Your Audio Brand

An audio brand is a logo for your ears. Ever heard “I’m Lovin’ It”? Theme music, jingles & transitions give your podcast, business or app an identity and I love to walk clients through the audio brand creation process!

Format Consulting

If you’re a podcaster just getting started, it can be intimidating & confusing to think about your show’s “format.” I can help you sort this out according to your show’s vibe so that recording is more efficient and stress-free.

All services are based on half and full day rates. I try to batch work together as much as possible to get you the best value.


Digital content creators like you know your stuff has to sound great (i.e. balanced, tight, clean & smooth!)

But you’re busy juggling episodes, social posts and big picture plans. You don’t have time to mix & edit sound files, much less learn how. Even if you know how, most times it feels more like “sound guess-ign” than sound design, right?

Outsource your sound, and you’ll never look back. I seriously make it so easy.

Intrigued? Here’s how to start in 3 easy steps:

1. Shoot me a quick email.

2.Tell me how I can help. (i.e. podcast editing, theme music, format consulting, etc.)

3. We’ll do a trial run & you’ll finish your episode sooner. (Also, first time clients usually get a deal!)

Sound good? Shoot me that quick email now. Even if you’re just kicking tires, you literally have nothing to lose. The saved time and headspace will pay for itself after our first collab, promise.

We both know the faster you get your episode out the door, the more time you’ll have – for family, happy hour, or brainstorming your podcast’s future. Not to mention that it’ll sound better because I’m really good.

I’m really looking forward to your email!


P.S. It’s not worth the frustration, extra time away from stuff you care about, and second guessing the final product. Email me!


Send me a message. Tell me what you need.

I’m here to make your job easier.

You’ve got podcasts to make, right?

I’m your sound expert, and I’m always just an email away. Get in touch to discuss your project, to brainstorm ideas, or to see my rate card.


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