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I think you’ve waited long enough to make your music.

Howdy! I’m a traveling music producer & songwriter working remotely for clients in the US, Canada and around the world.

I believe a big part of a producer’s job is to guide you through the highs and lows of being an artist, and remind you that your best work can always be ahead of you.

Born & raised in Southern Ontario, I fronted the successful Canadian power-pop band Hello Kelly (Sony-BMG/7Spin) from 2004 to 2012. In 2010, I moved to Nashville, TN where I trained as an audio engineer, jingle writer, and screenwriter, working with Emmy award winners Cam Cornelius and Greg Barnhill, and Grammy award winner Brandon Perdue. 

When I say that I’m a traveling music producer, it means that my studio is wherever my vehicle is parked any given week, whether it’s Nashville, Ontario, NYC or LA. If truck stop coffee is the dream, I’m living it!

If you have any questions at all or if you’d like to take a look at my rate card, just shoot me an email.


The many facets of your new music producer.


My specialty. Pre-production is the process of refining every lyric, chord, and arrangement choice so that we know your material is the absolute best it can be. I never skip this!


As a remote studio, I often employ remote tracking musicians from NYC, Nashville and Toronto to play on tracks. If I’m local to you for a season, then come record in studio!


Sometimes a record calls for an extra special song, and I love to co-write with artists to help expand their voice. Other times, an artist or business will ask for a custom song to be written.


You can think of mixing like deciding which Instagram filter to put on a photo. It’s the same image, but everything about it changes. If you like my sound, I’d be happy to mix your tracks! Get in touch!


A lot of editing goes into modern music production and sometimes you need an extra set of hands. I’m happy to step in when needed, whether it’s tightening timing or vocal comping & tuning.

Remote Tracking

I’m available for remote tracking of bass and powerful male lead vocals. I’m also available to engineer sessions local to my mobile studio. Low overhead means very competitive rates.

All services are based on half and full day rates. I try to batch work together as much as possible to get you the best value.


Artists like you know your next release has to really capture what makes you truly special.

But artists don’t know what makes them special. Why?

Because studios don’t do pre-production anymore.

Pre-production is ensuring that your project isn’t half-baked. It’s taking a close look at every arrangement, lyric, and chord change.

Studios skip pre-production to offer you lower prices. Self-producing musicians skip it because they’re too close to have perspective.

But I believe pre-production is critical to any great release. That’s why it’s the foundation of every project here.

I’ve put out albums that didn’t represent what I wanted to say. It sucks. Now, I’m in the business of making sure your next music project is fully-realized: Fully & completely you.

Choosing a producer is a big decision, and I don’t take it lightly, so here’s the 3-step process to see if we’ll work well together:

  1. Send me a quick email telling me about the project you want to make next.
  2. We’ll set up a chat on IM, text, Skype or in person if we can. I’ll ask you a bunch of questions, and you can ask me stuff too.
  3. I’ll put together a pitch for how I think we should approach your record, and you can decide if you like it!

Shoot me that quick email now. Even if you’re just kicking tires, you literally have nothing to lose. Knowing that you’re giving your music the respect it deserves will be a really good feeling.

We both know how much better you’ll feel knowing your music’s being handled by someone who cares. Knowing that your true voice is being properly fostered and amplified. Also, I’ve got some talented musician friends in some really cool cities – just sayin’!

I’m really looking forward to your email!


P.S. It’s not worth the frustration of working with the cheap producer who doesn’t get back to you, doesn’t take your ideas seriously, and doesn’t get your unique vision. Your voice is important. Email me!

Due to longer production schedules, my calendar fills up fast and far in advance. Contact me today to inquire about scheduling your project.


Send me a message. Tell me what you need.

I’m here to amplify your voice.

You’ve got new music to make, right?

I’m always just an email away. Get in touch to discuss your project, to brainstorm ideas, or to see my rate card.


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