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You work with a million moving parts every day.

Whether you're producing a podcast, a corporate video, or a TV series - sound design should be the last of your worries.

Our boutique sound & recording studio prioritizes reliable communication, a personal touch, fair prices, and of course, awesome results. 🤘🏼

We offer many sound-related services, so take a look around and get in touch!

3 Simple Steps to Solving Your Sound Design

It's freaky to bring someone new into your workflow. We get it. That's why we make it painless and risk-free with our 3 Step Plan:

1. You send us a message about your project.
2. We bundle the relevant services into a package & pitch everything to you over a free consultation.
3. We execute the job (with unlimited revisions!) and then you call me for the next one.


These services can be packaged together in custom bundles that serve you best. I tend to work in half days & full days, offering batch discounts to multiple jobs delivered at the same time.

Sound Design

When your animated series, short film, or even corporate video needs sound effects, call me up. I can source SFX from libraries or record them from scratch.

Podcast Editing

If your show is established, I'll slot into your workflow without skipping a beat. If your show is brand new, I'll coach you through all the questions you didn't know to ask. Let's do it!

Audio Repair

Hey, not everyone is an sound nerd like me. That's OK. If you recorded some audio that's less than perfect, I can probably help. Send it over and I'll take a listen!

Music & Score

When it comes to music, we have options. Sourcing from libraries is affordable, while I can create custom songs in a flash. Looking for score instead? I know who to call!

Mixing & Mastering

Maybe you've got your project assembled but you just need someone who knows what knobs to turn so that it sounds the best it can. I'm happy to do it!

Voiceover & ADR

Clients local to London, Canada are welcome to book the studio for voiceover and ADR work. Our vocal booth and microphones will make you sound great!

Copy Writing

Let's make sure your copy is rock solid. As a lifelong writer, I can help to tighten up & edit your words - whether it's s pithy branded statement, a production description, or bio.

Video Editing

As clients have grown from podcasting to creating course content, they've so loved working with me that they've asked me to edit their videos too. As always, I'm happy to help.


I've been a screenwriter on the side for 15 years. I even have a produced movie under my belt! You've got your team of writers, but if you need a pinch hitter or an outside perspective, hit me up.

Project Management

Maybe you've got the idea but not the time or wherewithal to pull it off. If you need me to take a more "hands on" approach with managing your project through completion, just ask.

Hi. I'm Francy.

I'm the owner of Hello Francy Sound & Music. I'm also a record producer and screenwriter based in London, Canada. As a project manager myself, I get it. It just needs to sound good. I've been doing this for a long time, and I've worked on projects and teams of all shapes & sizes. In terms of software, I'm comfortable on Pro Tools, Logic, Premiere. Whatever you need me to comfortable on. I can source SFX and music from libraries or create them from scratch. Working remotely is my jam, but I'm happy to come into your office or studio if that works better for you.

Wanna know a bit more about me? Born & raised in Southern Ontario, I fronted the successful Canadian synth-rock band Hello Kelly from 2004 to 2012. In 2010, I moved to Nashville, TN where I trained as an audio engineer, jingle writer, and screenwriter, working with Emmy, Juno and Grammy award winners along the way. I eventually got married and moved back to Canada because Canada is the best. I've had a stutter & speech disability since I was a kid. Tough? Sure. But it made me observant, empathetic, and relentless. So yeah, I prefer email to phone calls but I can do Zoom calls if you need me to!

PS. Are you a band or music artist looking to hire me as a record producer? Email me.


"Francy polished up the mix on my podcast beautifully and saved me a lot of time and headache. Highly recommend!"

Ken Ogasawara
Undercurrents Podcast

"Francy brings a world of talent and does with an incredibly positive attitude. Any project we toss his way comes back beyond expectation."

Brennan Bell
Memory Tree Video Productions

"Working with Francy was seamless. He made it easy and delivered a final product that my client loved. Everybody wins."

Matthew Kalinauskas
Bellzon Animation Studio

"I have actual tears in my eyes! The theme music and mix sounds so so so good!"

Laura Hart
The Makers Collective

"Francy's guidance boosted my confidence as a host!
His expertise has been instrumental in creating a show I'm proud to put out into the world."

Rachel Depres
Career Rebel Podcast

My Work

Sound design, music & score, mixing & mastering

Podcast editing, podcast mixing

You didn’t work this hard just to sound okay.

Leave the frequencies and fade outs to us.

Your sound design is solved. 💡

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